Welcome to Bali - MAMA'S German Restaurant

Located in the heart of Kuta on the main shopping road, Legian Street, MAMA'S® has continued its operation since 1985. It became very soon a hangout for any kind of traveler from all over the world, of course, many “Aussies”, Japanese, Chinese, Americans, Singaporean, Austrians, Swiss and Germans were flocking in, to pace their need for a hearty meal and a cold draft beer. Also Indonesian enjoying the nice atmosphere and long related friendship. In the early days of Bali's tourism, Western food was not so much available, except Spaghetti and Pizza. MAMA'S® had more than that, serving next to full meals juicy Burgers and Hot Dog's in a bun, served with a decent portion of French Fries. Soon original German style dishes were on the menu, such as: Roast Pork (Schweinebraten), Vienna Schnitzel, Rolled Beef (Roulade) with Red Cabbage and Bread Dumplings, all homemade under the supervision of German Chefs.

The owner, or better the founder Mr. Reinhold Jantzen, from the city-state of Hamburg, who arrived in Bali 1977. He started in 1983 a Meat & Fish-Processing - the products were sold in the restaurant and now the Industry is supplying most of the Catering Industries, Hotels, Restaurants and Supermarkets through out Indonesia with high quality products. These factories are the first and only which are certified with ISO 9001:2000 and Food Safe Plus Certificates, issued by the German and Australian Government Health Authorities.

You can get some information from the PT.SOEJASCH BALI WEBSITE: www.soejasch.com

We are very proud to announce that our recent MAMA'S® GERMAN RESTAURANT in Jalan Raya Legian / La Walon Center, is awarded with the FoodSafe Certificate issued by the Australian/Indonesian Government already for the second time. This is the result of our German Executive Chef, who is in charge and responsible together with his Balinese counterparts for the total operation. He and his crew is preparing authentic German/European and Indonesian dishes in a nice atmosphere in the "WINTER GARDEN" with AC upstairs, with Bar on the second floor. That area is ideal for private dinner occasions, either just for two or for celebrations.

On the ground floor wood tables welcome our guests in the "beer garden area", who prefers the main bar sits right there, to oversee, who is come and who is going. Further inside ten wooden tables (some for up to 10 people) are available in the restaurant. Our open kitchen is the center of the restaurant and gives our guests full confidence, as they see, how their meals are prepared. There the team is preparing nice and tasty home cooked big portioned meals and to very reasonable prices. You can have a look into our Menu on this WEBSITE, to start getting hungry and don't forget to compare the prices. For beer lovers: MAMA'S® is famous for serving the best local "Bintang Beer" draught beer (Fassbier) on Bali.

By now MAMA'S® has become an "institution", as it is opened 24-hours a day and 7 days a week, where people from all over the world meet and greet each other in happiness, no matter what nationality and language.