Alles Wurst

  1. Giant Curry Sausage

    105 K

    Giant curry sausage pan grilled topped with homemade curry sausage served with French fries mixed Bedugul greens.

  2. Pair of Wiener Sausages

    89 K

    With potato salad and German mustard.

  3. Grilled Coarse Pork Bratwurst

    99 K

    Caramelized onion gravy and mashed potato.

  4. Grilled Meatloaf (200 gram)

    99 K

    Topped with fried egg and Bratkartoffeln.

  5. Nikmat Cold Cuts Platter

    170 K

    Satisfy your taste buds with NIKMAT COLD CUTS PLATTER that is perfect for 2-4 persons. Our platter is all set with Air Dried Beef, Smoked Meat, Beef Pastrami, Beef Cooked Salami, Chicken Pastrami, Beef Rasher, along with Emmentaler Cheese, Gouda Cheese, Bread, and Butter.

    Own Meat Processing since 1983
    Eigene Fleischverarbeitung seit 1983