German Regional Specialties

  1. Bavarian Cabbage Rolls

    95 K

    Braised cabbage rolls filled with minced Pork served with mashed potatoes topped with fried onions and served with thyme onion gravy.

  2. Beef Rouladen Badener Style

    115 K

    Braised beef roulade served in a mustard gravy served with buttered Spätzle and braised red cabbage.

  3. Kassler Steak On Sauerkraut

    105 K

    Brined pork loin served on home made Sauerkraut, potatoes and German mustard.

  4. Frikadellen mit Kartoffel Salat

    85 K

    Das Bistro’s Bavarian style pork patties served with German potato salad, mustard and toasted rye bread.