Local Indonesian Specialties

  1. Traditional Soup Buntut

    140 K

    Served with vegetables, tender oxtail and local spices and steamed rice.

  2. Crispy Babi Panggang

    95 K

    Served with steamed rice, garlic-chili Bedugul vegetables and served with sambal matah and candlenut crisps.

  3. Roasted Ayam Sisit on Fried Eggplants

    70 K

    Served with steamed rice, Bedugul vegetables, sambal matah, prawn crackers.

  4. Classic Bistro Fried Rice

    70 K

    Served with sautéed vegetables, shrimps, grilled chicken sate, fried egg, acar, sambal kecap manis and prawn crackers.