The Classic

  1. Eggs Your Way

    35 K

    Two eggs cooked to your liking, served with slice of toasted rye bread. Add an extra kick to your eggs with choices of:

    Mama’s premium streaky pork bacon – 30 K
    Breakfast sausages – 30 K
    Avocado – 20 K
    Grilled button mushroom – 20 K
    Roasted Bedugul tomatoes – 20 K
    Cubed potatoes – 20 K
    Sautéed spinach – 20 K
    Mama’s Homemade Norwegian Smoked Salmon – 60 K

  2. Eggs Benedict

    80 K

    Two poached eggs on warm toasted English muffin, wilted spinach, Mama’s deli ham and Hollandaise sauce.

  3. The Big One

    95 K

    Two eggs your way, Mama’s premium streaky bacon, breakfast sausages, roasted tomatoes, Bratkartoffein and warm toasted breads with butter.